English Fluency (For University of Delhi)

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ISBN 9789354531989
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Imprint: S. Chand Publishing
No. of Pages: 258
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English Fluency is a tailor-made compilation of the entire syllabus prescribed for the first and second semester students of English Core who have scored in the range of 60 to 80 percent marks in English in Class XII. It presents complete clarity on concepts and formats from examination point of view. With minimal textual emphasis and optimal use of practical exercises, an effort has been made to make learning a pleasure for students. The aim is to equip the readers with skills required to hone English as a language of communication. The book also caters to learners looking for interesting and innovative material in English reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary building.

• Interactive exercises

• Focus on real-life learning

• University question papers along with sample papers for practice

Section A

Unit-1  In the University      

                What is Note Making? 

                Group Discussion 

                Parts of Speech 

Unit-2  Domestic Sphere                  -

                Diary/Blog Writing 


                Write A Blog Post 

                Understand the Concept of Modifiers 


                Understand the Use of Prepositions 


                Understand the Use of Conjunctions 


                Analyze and Interpret "The Lost Word" by Esther Morgan 

                The Lost Word 

Unit-3   In Public Place        

                Understand the Process of Writing a CV
 Resume Writing 

                Biodata/CV/Resume Writing 

                Writing  the CV of a Fictional Character 

                Analyse and Interpret "Amalkanti" by Nirendranath Chakraborty 


                Analyse and Interpret Excerpt From "Bhimayana" by Srividya 

               Natarajan and S. Anand (page 60-71) 


Unit-4   In the State  

           Understand how to Make an RTI Request 

               RTI (Right To Information) 

               Research: Procedure for Making a Complaint 

                About Trees being Cut in Your Neighbourhood 

                Understand How to File an FIR 

                Sample FIR 

                Sample FIR 

                Research:  Submitting a Consumer Complaint Online 

                Understand Active and Passive Voice 

                 Active and Passive Voice 

                Tips on Using Voice 

                Understand the Use of Idioms 


                Some More Important Idioms and Phrases with their Meanings 

                Analyze and Interpret "Where the Wild Things Are"
               By Maurice Sendak 

Unit-5  Interface with Technology  

               Book and Film Review 

               Film  Review: PK 

               Use of Punctuations 


               Comma, Semicolon and Colon 

               Error Correction/Proofreading 

                Analyze and Interpret Priya's Shakti 



                Supplementary Reading 

                Close Reading 

Sample Papers         

                Sample Paper I 

                Sample Paper II 

                Sample Paper III 

                Sample Paper IV 

                Sample Paper V 

University Question Papers                       

               Question Paper 2019 (I) 

                Question Paper 2019 (II) 
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